Ministerstvo na Mladezhta i Sporta

The Ministry Youth and Sport of Bulgaria (MYS) is a central executive body that develops, organizes, coordinates and implements the state policy in the field of youth and sports.

MYS exists to be a proactive front-runner in the sports political field, a strong public organisation for the promotion of the Bulgarian sport and a collaborator for European governmental institutions dealing directly or indirectly with youth and sport. That is why MYS has been carrying out so many activities in the last decades. Apart from organising events, MYS has led and been partner in several EU projects to capture European sport issues facing today’s sports organisations. Next to active communication and dissemination of information, MYS has a leading role in promotion of Sport base.

The vision of MYS is to be the leading voice of athletes and sports organisations in Europe and the mission is to promote the interest of Bulgarian sport in Europe.

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