Centro de Formaçao Dr. Rui Grácio – Agrupamento de Escolas Julio Dantas

“Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio” is a public In-Service Teacher Training Centre of the Portuguese Ministry of Education since 1993, inside the Portuguese Education system.

The Centre promotes in-service training for all the teachers and other adult staff: teachers of all levels, from pre-school to secondary; school headmasters; educational technicians as psychologists, sociologists, experts in special needs education, etc; administrative personnel; school auxiliary assistants; parents; other school.
The Centre has a long experience in the field of CPD – Continuing Professional Development. Every year organizes training courses and projects in several educational fields, with the collaboration of different partners and several experts with PhD and Master Degrees, Post-Graduation or Degree on Education and Educational Sciences.

The Centre will be responsible for the implementation of the activities in Portugal, since it is legally authorized to conceive and organize several CPD projects, training programs and research-action in all the fields of Education, for teachers and other staff, from pre-school to secondary education.

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